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Adler Paratrike DULV

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Double seat Para Trike

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Standard configuration:

-   Rotax 582 DCDI‘B’ 64h.p. engine, gearbox ratio 2,58, liquid cooling, intake and exhaust silencers;

-   Three-blade composite propeller;

-   Streamlined instrument panel with 3pcs. instruments: RPM, cooling liquid temperature, operation hourmeter;

-   Plastic air streamed fuel tank 35 liters;

-   Fuel pump for priming;

-   Double instructor control+instructor throttle /folding pedal/ on back seat;

-   Wide and comfortable seats with seat and back protectors;

-    Four-point adjustable safety belts for pilot and passenger;

-    Gas dampers on main gear;

-    Disc brake on front gear;

-    Park brake;

-    Wheels size 400x100;

-    Trim system/levers and rollers/if the wing require;

-    Stainless steel welded structural elements;

-    Anodized aluminum elements and main gear rods;

-    Propeller cage is detachable on two parts and in case can be ordered partly as spare part;


Trike frame is durable and corrosion steady, made of stainless finish processed steel.


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Adler Paratrike DULV

Adler Paratrike DULV

Double seat Para Trike

Incl. VAT 19%